Victor, You Are On My Radar now… UPDATED WITH NUDE PIC 11/19

I actually never came across Victor Rasuk before seeing this:

However, he can bet his gorgeous ass that I’ll be following him from now on! :)

The 26 year old New York native has been active since 1999, and can be currently seen in the TV series ‘How to Make it in America’

Thats about all I know about him really. He was seen in the notable films ‘Lords of Dogtown’, ‘Stop-loss’, and ‘Life is Hot in Cracktown’ (I could make a thousand jokes, but I’ll refrain ;) )

Oh, btw- here is what the front looks like

I’m looking forward to seeing much more from him in what seems like a growing career.

Ok, so I’m still working on the unedited video, BUT I did find this screen capture with a blurry picture of his package. Normally I’d want it to be a better quality image, HOWEVER, I’m obsessed. Slightly.

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  1. That ass won’t quit. DAMN!

  2. hot damn!

  3. I downloaded the scene from Cracktown and you can see his cock too!! Thick and beautiful!!

    • Ummmm… I’m going to need that! Haha. Where did you find it?

  4. Haha! I figured you would. The scene begins at the 19:20 mark. Watch closely and be ready to pause. Bliss awaits. ;)

  5. Oops, sorry wrong link:

  6. Ok sorry for posting so many times, but I am just realizing that your clip is the very same clip in the link! All you have to do is enhance the screen and watch closely.

  7. And now this is my final comment, I promise. Further inspection shows that your clip is edited, so it may not be as clear. Plus the camera lingers on his body when she gets out of the bed. So definitely download that clip! OK, I’m gonna shut up now.

    • @RW: I had some issues downloading the clip last night, and then it wouldn’t play on my computer. I’m going to devote some time to it this weekend and get everything fixed up so I can post it. I really appreciate your help! :) And post all you want :-D

  8. Where is that screen capture from?! That’s definitely not in the clip I sent. Yowzah!

  9. U can see in the video he is not actually penetrating her hahaha and u can see his nice beautiful penis :D

  10. between 14 sec and 16 if u pause u can see a bit of his cock .

  11. Is it my imagination or I could see his cock at 0:14 sec.. check out guys, and let me know if im not crazy.”!

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