Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Trevor Knight

After working a loooooong day today, I was in the mood for some Trevor. Hope you enjoy 😉

Trevor is one very verbal top (as you already know from the ABC’s bit). Trevor very rarely bottoms on film though. Here is a tid bit from an interview with Just Us Boys:
Speaking of being on top, I don’t recall many films in which you bottom — Justice being perhaps the most notable and memorable. Do you top by choice? Do directors cast you as a top because you’re so huge?
I’m better by far at topping. If I bottom, it’s specifically for a role. Besides Justice, I bottomed in The Seeker and for about three seconds in Too Good to Be True (also Studio 2000).

I came across this interview he had when he ‘stopped by’ the Manhunt headquarters in Boston.

From the same Just Us Boys interview:
How did you get into the porn biz and where’d your porn name come from?
Basically I dated my way into it. I was dating Jason Tyler and dancing in a club where a lot of porn stars went and everyone encouraged me to do it. As for my porn name, “Trevor” was a sexy guy I knew when I was, like, 18 and “Knight” was picked by Studio 2000 because I liked to go out at night and it also had a sort of Medieval feel to it.

Trevor is a pretty sexy name :)

Trevor retired for a very brief time back in 07-08, but luckily is back in the game. With an impressive list of work, a sexy voice, and boyish charm, lets hope he is around for quite a while 😉

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16 thoughts on “Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Trevor Knight”

  1. Trevor, in addition to the long cock, was quiet a shooter – always good volume, but also long distance, as in the last clip from the Velvet Mafia epic trainwreck of a movie.

  2. I love Trevor Knight… so hot and hung! Oh yes I love those two suggestions, Jason Pitt is so hot n cute its crazy and one of my very first porn crushes and the reason I started downloading and buying porn JOHNNY HAZZARD! I saw him in some scenes in the first porno I ever bought Detention and he was so fucking hot like no one I had ever scene. And he was in an orgy with hung Chad Hunt and I knew I was in love!

  3. Ok i remember watching a scene with Trevor knight in it. And all i can rememeber is him being a soccer coach, and following one of his soccer players back to his house because they had skipped practice. and he gets into the kids house as the kid is on his bed eating ice cream. as he is surprised by the coach, (trevor knight) the coach proceeds to scold and yell at him for skipping practice. and then forefully makes the kid suck his dick. and all that happens, he fucks the soccer player and cums yadda yadda, but i CANT REMEMBER WHAT THIS SCENE WAS CALLED AND IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR IT AND ITS DRIVING ME INSANE. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME.
    (p.s the soccer player, in my opinion, looks very similar to colton haynes. hes like a.. jock. or a twink. one of the two. sombody pleaseeeeeee help me if you find anything you can email me at

  4. In 2004, the future Trevor Knight was on a gay live webcam site, called ( which is still around, On there, he was “Todd,” and he was a versatile top. I’ve personally seen him bottom at least twice in the CBL-Orlando House. Mostly, he was a top. I used to (or still) have in my collection a couple of videos I captured as a member. He went straight from there to Falcon, who apparently saw him on the site. In fact, he left CBL before his six-month contract was up to be interviewed by Falcon, which immediately hired him. The rest is porn history

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