Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Kurt Wild

The Male Star Blog reader Ryan suggested I make an all new PSS post with Kurt Wilde. I thought, “What a marvelous suggestion!” and went right to my stockpiles.

Aww, he looks so honored! This must have been when he got the news he was my next post! 😉

Kurt is one hot bottom. When I see him in this particular video, I laugh hysterically and get really turned on all at once, and that my friends is quite a feat. See for yourself:

The most interesting thing about Kurt? He is fucking straight. I honestly didn’t know that before this post. I mean, he kind of takes dick pretty well, but now I understand all the noises he makes. How I didn’t know he was straight with a wife and kids is beyond me… but I see him in a completely different light now. Here is an interview he did with Tyra Banks… its pretty interesting!

Kurt swears up and down that the first guy he was ever with was on film for Corbin Fisher (With Julien, still up on the website), and his wife remains supportive of him. Kurt has even does a couple of videos with girls, however his wife says she’d rather him be with men. It kind of makes sense. Sort of?

Right now its kind of funny… I have the Tyra interview AND his porn on at the same time. Its great juxtaposed together 😉

I wasn’t able to grab a free copy of the Kurt Wild and Castro video, but you can see it at Its Gonna Hurt . There is a subscription fee, but you can get a 2 day trial for really really cheap. Check it out.

34 thoughts on “Porn Star Saturdays Revisited: Kurt Wild”

  1. Kurt is hot, with a beautiful thick cock. He cums like a fountain and really gets off with his partners. How he can think he is straight is beyond me, he is too much into mansex not to be bisexual at a bare minimum …

    Thanks Kurt, love what you do :)

    1. i agree with you . . . anyone that gets off like that with man to man sex has to have a bit of gay in them . . . it’s beyond good acting!

  2. I hope that I am not a moron. Not to be confused with a mormon, but maybe the same thing. I can’t get these fine videos to play. Any suggestions. Thank you so much for everything.

  3. yeah i cant see any of these videos either… i dont know why… they are just a big black square lol… and i used safari instead of internet explorer and couldnt see them either…hope u can repost these videos, cause i cant wait to see kurt wild on them..thank u

    1. @foreverhorny: Its quite possible that they were removed from the site which actually hosts the videos. Let me see what I can find and I’ll try and fix it for you

  4. on this site, no i can not see them, they are just black squares… would you have any idea why i cant see them here? i can only see the one of kurt and his interview with tyra
    thanks for the help

  5. Sorry, Kurt might be a nice guy but if you are a straight man and you are doing gay porn in my eyes you are just a moneygrabber and that is a big turnoff!! So 2 thumbs down for straight Kurt!!

  6. Unfortunately for his soon to be wife and kids, he is gay. If you pay attention to him when he is asked questions in relation to why, if he is straight, he is ‘into’ the gay porn senarios, he strokes the back of his head and neck which is a sign he is not telling the truth or is hiding something.

    Personally, I don;t care how much you say you are straight, if you are taking all of Barrett Long’s cock in your ass, moaning and enjoying it that much — no way in hell are you ‘thinking’ of your girlfriend.

  7. i’ve seen the alphabet Trevor Knight video so many times and it never gets old. one of my all time favorites!

  8. Loved Kurt, thought he was so sexy and made the best bottom. Seeing him in the various Michael Lucas movies…omg did he get the hell fucked out of him.

  9. I believe that Kurt Wild is really gay. He was asked if he was being turned on when doing the gay scenes and he answered ‘no’. When you watch his videos, however, you would see that he enjoys the gay sex that he reaches orgasms multiple times in one sex act.

  10. it still doesnt make sense how do you tell your son Daddy sucks cock and swallows cum on career day at school ?

  11. ot course this guy is” straight” I even know a farm on which donkeys lay eggs and hens have teeth
    Who can be as green as to ignore that between gay and straight there’s a third category; bi guys????

  12. Whatever else he is, the boy is far and away the best actor in the business –he could have come out of Actor’s Studio. One video feature that is never mentioned proves my point without question: “The Brotherhood” by Jerry Douglas, starring the tragic suicide Danny Rodick and another superlative actor, gone from the scene, the German Jan Fischer. Kurt plays one of the O’Malley boys, whose brother is played by Justinn ? (also featured in Joe Gage’s ‘s “Gunnery Sgt. McCool.” as Scott Tanner’s son in a nearly crossing-the-line incest scene). Yes, Kurt Wild is, or was, since he’s quit the business the best actor in porn since Richard Locke.

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