Sex in Film: Exit to Eden

Now this brings back memories. Back when I was (insert inappropriate age here), and before I discovered or had access to internet porn there was HBO and Showtime! Check out this scene featuring Paul Mercurio from the movie Exit to Eden. IMO there still isn’t an actor in Hollywood with a better ass than this guy!

I remember recording this entire movie after it came on late night HBO – I use to rewind this scene over and over…and over again. The movie was garbage but Paul’s ass made it worth it :) …aaah to be 13 again!

2 Responses to Sex in Film: Exit to Eden

  1. In this same flim you can see his frontal as well… Good work keep it up!!!

  2. Great psycho-sexual drama and a really hot seen…and I am Gay…. I’d let her do me any time……

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