Tom Daley Gets A Rubdown… Also BULGE

These images come from Tom’s travel documentary. Apparently, although honestly I couldn’t stop looking at the pictures long enough to actually read what the hell this was all about, he travels to Morocco and gets a full body massage in his underwear. When I go back to Morocco, I really want to meet the lucky bastard who got to do this. Enjoy! Continue reading Tom Daley Gets A Rubdown… Also BULGE

I Smiled So Much (UPDATED)

I’m sure everyone has heard by now, but Michael Sam became the first openly gay man to be in the NFL this weekend. The moment he found out, ESPN had cameras set up in a private area (his home?) with family and friends… and his boyfriend. What else would you do by celebrating such momentous news- not even in the sense of a historic moment for GLBT, but just in general amazing news- but kiss your loved one. In this case, Michael Sam’s loved one happens to be an adorable guy. Such an incredible moment that definitely had me smiling late into the night. Congrats to Michael, and thanks for breaking down several barriers.

And as a guy in an interracial relationship, this makes me nearly ecstatic. Video is below.


Buzzfeed published some photos that Michael’s boyfriend Vito Cammisano posted on his various social networking sites. Seriously, this couple deserves some sort of ‘cutest couple’ award. Vito is quite a hottie in his own right- he was on the swimming team at the same university.