Porn Star Saturdays: Will Helm

Will Helm is one of the my favorite Porn Stars and I thought he’d be a good one to introduce you guys too, if you didn’t already know him. So… guys… meet Will Helm

Will Helm is one of Lucas Entertainment’s new, big stars, and for quite a while was the industry’s “IT” guy. See why with this video of Will and a box of toys.

For your own toys: Fleshjack

Will got into porn because he loves sex, his boyfriend was already in it, and he thought “why the hell not.” Now, his seven to eight inch dick is on display for us, unfortunately through a computer screen and not in real life.

The chiseled, handsome Frenchman currently lives in Paris with his boyfriend, where they do nothing but have amazing sex all day, taking breaks to go to the gym, make out, shower, drink champagne and catch their breathe. Then they have sex some more. Ok, so I made that up, but I’m imagining thats how it happens.

Will enjoys sex to the fullest, and he is up for most anything (except pee). He is particularly turned on by leather and rubber however, so break out your accessories and head to Paris.

He does have some good advice on barebacking. His first movie was bareback, and he does say that he regrets it because he thinks it can give some younger gay men bad ideas about protecting themselves. In his own (translated from French) words:

“My first movie was bareback, with my boyfriend. But now I’ve changed my opinion about that because is not good for young gay people to see that! They see it and don’t know he’s been my boyfriend for one and half years, and it’s very important to use condoms and to continue to be careful. ”

Get some: Lucas

Check out more of Will over at Lucas by clicking here

David Henrie Bulge

So we are going to ignore that this was on the Disney Channel when David was on ‘Wizards of Waverly Place.‘ Some of you who don’t have younger brother/sisters/nephews/nieces/whater might know David from ‘How I Met Your Mother‘ – he was Luke Mosby. Surprising that Disney let this one slip through the censors, although to be fair, Disney did put a giant dick on the original cover of ‘The Little Mermaid‘. Don’t believe me- well lets get sidetracked for a moment.




The hottest images are at the end… however, it seems this guy can’t contain his bulge. A quick search brought up a bunch of these:



And here is a photo of him, second from left, hanging out… shirtless… with a bunch of other shirtless men. The most masculine and un-gay photo ever.


And since you’ve waited long enough. Here are the gifs… so you can see that bulge in action.


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