Lucien Laviscount

Lucien is a British actor/singer best known for his role on the BBC drama Waterloo. But perhaps from now on, he’ll be best known for his role in the reality series I call “I’m somewhat famous and jerked off on Skype without hiding my face.”

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Lucien was also on the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother. We’ve seen a few Big Brother contestants in the buff before- I’ve posted TONS about them. Click here to browse my Big Brother posts.

And one more pic of this handsome guy:


Please let this be… UPDATED 5/14/12

Ok, so I learned this morning from TMZ that a Tyson Beckford sex tape is being shopped around. So I really hope that this is true. As soon as I’m done… ummm.. analyzing the footage I’ll put it up 😉 For pictures of Tyson nearly nude, click here for a post I put up a couple years ago of the irresistible model. For the article on TMZ, click here.

UPDATE- Tyson has acknowledged the tape! He does say however that don’t get your expectations up. Tyson said that the video is “Not much of a sex tape lol.” He was disappointed that its going out, but he says he is going to move on with his life and not worry about it. You can bet I’ll stay on top of this and bring it to you as soon as it hits.

Lets hope this comes out soon!

Model Mondays: Courtney Grant

I’d imagine the direction for the following photo was, “ok Courtney, give us your best bedroom eyes…”

And then the photographer’s pants melted off.

But anyway, this is 22 year old Courtney Grant, who just apparently moved to LA. He’s been on the cover of DNA:

and LOTS of other high profile type stuff. But with that body, that smile, those eyes and… down there… seriously… why isn’t he on every cover of every magazine?

Steph Jones Nude Pics

27 year old singer songwriter Steph Jones recently had some nude pics hit the web, giving Chris Brown a run for his money. Steph is best known for the single ‘Celebrity Chick’ with Ludacris, Chingy and Small World (according to Wikipedia, but honestly… its wikipedia). He is also signed with Ford Models.

Anyway… here are the pics! Enjoy!

If you want to hear some of his music, you can find his music videos here on youtube.

Pretty sexy 😉

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