ALL NEW Porn Star Saturdays: Rocco Steele

A buddy of mine in Denmark turned me on to Rocco here a few weeks ago. I've been jerking off looking up videos of him ever since. photdo

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Rocco emites a raw sexuality that turns me on immensely, but I also like the way he delicately kisses. Its like saying, "I'm 200 lbs of solid muscle, have a fucking bat between my legs... but let me gingerly kiss you... before I ram all ten inches into you." tumblr_n9xe4tkGSp1s6mwd7o1_1280
Rocco started off in the corporate world, escorting on the side to make a little extra cash. Porn studios approached him, but he warded them off for a bit. He wasn't exactly ready to jump there yet.
tumblr_na69iouKUk1tef10eo1_1280 After quitting his job to start his own company, he took them up. Unfortunately for us, its a means to an end. But thanks to the digital age, I can get my Rocco fill whenever I need. In the interview I read on Manhattan Digest, he did mention that he is having a great time and really enjoying this experience while it lasts.

See more of Rocco at 'Treasure Island Media'- click here

Rocco was at one point swept up under a tide of drug and alcohol addiction, but is proudly sober now and has been for the last 15 years! Congrats to you Rocco. He says that because of that, its easy for him to stay clear of the partying scene that often accompanies the porn industry. Having an amazing support system at home, he says, helps as well. rocco-steele-2 The interviewer asked him about whether or not he thought the "daddy" phenomenon, which he said Rocco embodies, is here to stay. Here is his response: I think its definitely here to stay. There were always daddies, it just doesn’t seem like there was an obsession like there is now. I came from the generation of gays (in the 90’s) where we all wanted to be super buff, in contrast to the 70’s and 80’s, where gay men were fit but not as muscular and big. The 90’s were different in that sense, where it was all about getting big. My generation of gays are now growing up and are in their 40s and 50s and we are maintaining those bodies. I think this is appealing to the younger generation of gays…big strong daddies with big muscles…but that’s just my theory. photo1 The fact that Rocco is well spoken and extremely intelligent on top of... everything else... just turns me on even more. He is also a photographer. Thats it. We are getting married.

See more of Rocco at 'Treasure Island Media'- click here

Here is how he ended the interview, and I thought I'd leave it here as a closing. I could use this as an opportunity to say something really sexy and provocative, but what is most important is that I want people to know that I am just a nice normal guy. I care about people and I try to live my live with honesty and integrity. I am grateful to be on this journey. It’s not something I would have ever imagined for myself but I’m really enjoying it now that I’m on it. I am grateful to every fan and follower who supports me and my work. If this ends tomorrow, I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences I’ve had up to this point. roccosteele3  
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  1. He has a beautiful piece on him. Those bottoms seemed to take it so easily, amazing. I like the way he can keep it hard for so long, drawing out the pleasure both for himself and for his man-boys 😉

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