Straight Up Porn

Some of you might roll your eyes and claim this is shameless promotion. Buts its hot porn any way you can think of, so its really a win-win situation. I just got word that the Fleshjack 25% off sale is extended, so I put together another little collection of videos for you guys who were considering making the leap and grabbing one of their amazing toys while they are still 25% off. I also found this genius invention: 001 It is officially the coolest fucking thing in the world. You have no idea how many times I've dropped my phone in the second before shooting. This could have prevented that. Anyway, if you missed my other posts with awesome videos, click here for the first post and here for the second post.

Enjoy- and take advantage of the sale by clicking here.

Here is the love of my life, Colby Keller- the fleshjack fun starts right around the 12 minute mark, but the beginning is hot too :-p
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