Porn Star Saturdays: Adam Wirthmore

A reader suggested I do a post on Adam. I've pretty much been masturbating ever since.

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Adam was born in a smaller town in the Boston area. Like any other teenager, he spent way too much time masturbating and fantasizing about getting in orgies involving hundred of abs and as many inches of dick. He emailed a few people, sent out a few photos... and voila! I present more boners!
Here is my favorite pic of Adam... looking scared of a cumshot: He doesn't have any hopes about staying in porn forever. He recognizes that at some point, he will have to transition to different roles. He's mentioned directing and producing- but hes ok with completely leaving the industry as well.

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The two favorite actors he has worked with so far? Christian Wilde and Samuel O'Toole. His chemistry with Christian was pure and raw he said. He completely forgot about the cameras. He liked Samuel for different reasons. In his own words: "He just has those features that I'm really attracted to in a guy: dark features, playful attitude and a big, meaty cock."
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4 thoughts on “Porn Star Saturdays: Adam Wirthmore”

  1. Very sexy guy! I think you should also do a page devoted to the man behind that amazing cumshot in that picture: Leo Domenico!

  2. The vid in the ‘meat’ processing plant was so friggin’ hot. Nothing better than 2 well built guys with perfect body hair going at it. Sweating at the end and the bottom’s huge cum shot. The bottom cleaning the tops cock after he’s done. Gotta watch it again!

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