Porn Star Saturdays: Topher Dimaggio

I can't believe I've never posted Topher before. A guy this hot definitely deserves his own post. 2097_1370345995 Unsurprisingly, Topher got his start with modeling. After being approached by a manager and agency, he did a few random gigs before being picked up by Andrew Christian. And lets face it, Andrew Christian is one step away from porn as it is. For example: tumblr_ml9qi5tnQO1ro5043o1_500 So, it really wasn't a big step for Topher. I mean, when you pose for images like this: Topher DiMaggio & Lance 5 Posing for an image like this: TopToBottomTopherDiMaggioTTB03 Isn't too much of a stretch.

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Topher has been in the porn industry for quite some time. Most guys who do porn don't stay in the business for very long- statistics say anywhere from 6 to 18 months on average. Topher, however, has been in porn for 7 years. Lets look at an in depth example.
Now, you may be asking yourself what Topher thought about the first time he shot a video, seeing as he was used to being nearly naked on front of photographers all the time. It just so happens that I have a interview tidbit. Here is what he said about his first video shoot: “My first time, I was scared shitless, because you don’t realize that there are like ten people in the room: camera man, camera assistant, lighting people, still photographer, the director…and then you have to act, flex your muscles, and be hard at the same time. Try doing all of that and then having to come afterwards. It’s nerve-racking, especially because you can’t tell if people are watching you because they’re creepy or because they’re working.” ~From Boyfactor So how about all that flexing during sex? He went on to say, “When I’m not fucking on camera, I don’t flex. I just fuck. In porn, you’re always, always flexing. It’s exhausting. You crunch your stomach, lean back, move one leg back so the camera can see you. In person, you just go at it, you’re not really worried how it looks.” Its true, for the most part. The other day, I was jerking off and sensed that I was making a particuarly horrendous face as I shot my load. So, I held the face and looked in the bathroom mirror as I cleaned up. I didn't have my glasses on, but I didn't really need them to tell that the face was beyond utterly ridiculous. If I ever became a pornstar and made that face on camera, it would either be cut from the film, or I'd never be asked to shoot another scene again. Lets hope that isn't my normal o-face. Anyway, back to hot Topher porn!
d2819f3c80d29c652ce0aa8f20c24d82 Alright, and now for the basics. He was born in 1986, is of Italian and Irish background and stands at 5'9". But seriously, we need another video now.

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