I don't normally post porn stars on Model Mondays, but I rather liked these pics, and Lukas is one of my favorites out of Bel Ami's sexy models. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of him as I did! Happy Monday everyone- hope you have a fantastic week. Oh, and if you want to see more of Lukas, click here to check out his page on Bel Ami lukas-ridgeston-bel-ami-01 lukas-ridgeston-bel-ami-5 lukas-ridgeston-bel-ami-11 Click here to see more of Lukas! lukas-ridgeston-bel-ami-21 lukas-ridgeston-bel-ami-31 lukas-ridgeston-bel-ami-41 lukas-ridgeston-bel-ami-61 To see all of Lukas's work with Bel Ami, click here to check out his page
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  1. I think I read somewhere that Bel Ami was preparing a special 20 anniversary movie and Lukas was going to do a scene to celebrate it. I hope they release it soon!

  2. Danoperez, yes he is doing LUKAS FOREVER.. and its super hot. I want to have that video/movie whatever it is…. I love him so much. he is the hottest gay porn actor

  3. October 23 is when BelAmi release the first scene with Lukas with more to follow. He seems to have twisted the physics of ageing.

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