Porn Star Saturdays: Morgan Black

Morgan started as an exclusive with Cocksure Men and went on to star in porn flicks such as Gloryhole Cruising (parts I and II), Taking Loads 4, Fist Freaks, Hairy Fuckers 3, and Down and Dirty. So... I guess you could say that he is not opposed to the raunchier side of life 😉 morganblack
Morgan has worked with many studios- he was a Raging Stallion exclusive for a while. He is somewhat of a controversial figure now because of the bareback porn that he does. There are quite a few porn stars who speak out about bareback porn and quite a few porn stars who are fine with it and say that the porn studio is a controlled environment and people take their own health and safety into their own hands. 20404_501143453271774_2069420581_n Have an online profile on one of the 200 million gay dating sites? Would you like to attract the attention of Morgan? He has some advice on how to choose a porfile pic: “Clear, discernible photos. Not a nipple, or some sort of pixelated mess with what could maybe, be a torso with a t-shirt on, but it could be, you know, George Bush, there’s no distinguishable features. When I look at a profile I need clear, discernible, well-lit naked photos. Otherwise they’re hiding something, period.”
Morgan bottoms frequently in porn, but mentions that he LOVES to top as well. Thats great and all, but I really love watching Morgan bottom. He truly understands how to please a top 😉 Or even two...

For something really amazing, check out Morgan's scenes with Tim Tales by clicking here.

According to the latest information I could find on Morgan, he was still dating fellow porn star Dominic Sol. The two met while doing porn, became best friends and then eventually... lovers in private. And on screen. tumblr_mevd03ih291qi9cbuo1_400
You can see lots more of Morgan over at Raging Stallion.
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14 thoughts on “Porn Star Saturdays: Morgan Black”

  1. Damn! Love the clip with Brad Kalvo. Anytime he wants his hot stud body worshipped, from his big hairy pecs to asshole, or he needs to drain those big nuts, I am ready to serve him any way he wants.

  2. Morgan black, wonderful very romantic gay actor, I wish he give us more lovely movies. We all love is good look, hairy body.

  3. Morgan Black was flying from New Orleans to LAX , last Thursday evening, & he was sitting on an aisle seat, the row up, on the other side, was fun watching him talking to the woman & her daughter with her dog. I wanted to talk to him, but I was thinking it might not been him because he now he has beautiful salt & pepper hair & beard, & it makes him sexier yet. I checked him online & yep it was him.
    Sorry I missed talking to you.

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