Mehcad Brooks

I first encountered Mehcad Brooks on the HBO show True Blood where his first shirtless scene had me choking on the water I was drinking. Here's why... There has been a lot about Mehcad brooks on internet discussion boards lately, and thats perfectly fine with me. After growing up in Austin, Texas he moved to Los Angeles where he became a model and appeared in Desperate Housewives, the films Glory Road and In the Valley of Elah and guest starred on the recent season of True Blood. Not bad for your first few years in Hollywood. Oh, yeah, and he is one of the most recent Calvin Klein underwear models. No big deal or anything 😉 The first sex scene in True Blood with his character had me instantly looking on the internet for info and pics on this guy. He has one of those physiques that makes you stop in the stracks. Here are some stills that prove my point: And the best thing? All this rising fame hasn't gone to his head- or so I've heard from friends who have meet him and said he is the sweetest guy.
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