I’ve been having too much fun…

I thought I’d share these with you guys. Albert has asked me to create some images for the blog to post on Tumblr and twitter. About 6 hours later I made about 60 of these. I never thought it would be SO MUCH FUN! Turns out being witty and slutty is my thing. Follow the Banana Blog on Twitter and Tumblr to see my future work :-p

Click below to view some of my favorites.
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Kevin Bacon Wants More Male Nudity

When you think of male celebrities who have shown their dicks on the big screen, Kevin Bacon probably immediately comes to mind. When I was searching for pictures of him nude for this post I was having trouble thinking of the titles of some of the movies he has appeared nude in. When I asked Al the movies he has been nude in, his reply was, “All of them?”

So what better person to advocate for more male nudity in film then the man himself? This rather hilarious PSA advises all male celebrities today to… #freethebacon. I’d love to see the meat of quite a few celebrities today- who tops your list? Leave their names in the comments :-)

Click shirtless Kevin Bacon below to view the video and the top 4 Kevin Bacon nude scenes.


Lenny Kravitz Dick Slip- and other nude pics!

During a concert in Stockholm Lenny Kravitz’s dick fell out of his pants. Luckily in this day and age cell phones record almost every moment of our lives… its also lucky for us that Lenny has a thing for wearing tight pants that tear easily and a nice dick :)

And what did Lenny have to say about the “unfortunate” accident? After covering up with his guitar, he changed pants and commented, “Sorry, I ripped my trousers.”

Click the image below to read the whole post

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Zac Efron

I cannot even begin to count the number of times I’ve posted about Zac Efron. Somewhere around a billionty I think. Regardless, I found these pics of Zac on Homotrophy, doin’ regular, everyday people stuff like swinging on ropes into water. My only complaint is that he is wearing board shorts. Comon Zac! Get with the speedo or boy shorts revolution!

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What is your favorite part about sex?

Recently, I wrote a post asking The Banana Blog readers what their favorite part about sex was. I placed the post on my boyfriend’s site because he gets about 1000 times the traffic that my site does. The post is… wait for it… about sex (surprise!). But it actually is an unscientific poll about what our readers favorite part of sex is. Click here to visit The Banana Blog and let your voice be heard! If there is something that you think is missing, or your favorite part of sex isn’t showing, then add it in the comments.

Well Hello There Old Friends…

It has been quite some time since my words have been displayed for you all to read and interact with. Originally I was planning on taking a short break from the blog to focus on my career, which ended up being much more involved than I expected. It has taken a toll physically and mentally on me, but I am finally at a good point where I can do… you know, activities not related to work!

Seriously, if you knew me in my private life you’d see that my life has been comprised of: 1- Working about 10 hours a day, and even a few hours on the weekend, 2- Reading to meditate and relax away some of my stress, and 3- jogging to relieve the stress that reading could not banish. Now, reading the above statement, you may be under the assumption that I hated my job; quite the opposite in fact. I absolutely loved it. Naturally, I had those days where I really did not want to get out of bed at 4:45am, but those feelings would generally disappear as I slid my tie knot closer around my neck.

Unfortunately, constantly being on the hunt for the latest male celebrity dick slip, visible penis line, “oops I texted the wrong girl”, or just general hotness took something far beyond the proverbial backseat. In juggling several major projects once I had to make the decision to be mediocre at several, or stellar at a couple. So, I abandoned you all.

Rejoice however- it was a temporary abandonment!

I have also started what equates to a new life. Albert and I moved to Washington, D.C. I mean it is not really a new life if I’m still with Albert, but we even left like 98% of our furniture in Florida. I’m not kidding you when I say that it was pretty much clothes, some random kitchen stuff I don’t think I’ve ever used, family heirlooms, and books. Oh… did I mention books? Out of the 16 boxes we brought, 10 were books.

This is the part where I stand up in an intimate circle of strangers and admit my reading addiction.

So now here we are again. If there are any of my old loyal readers left… get ready for some great new things. If you’ve just discovered the site… well good for you- you skipped that whole part where I disappeared for like… months.

Say hi!
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